Options blues

3 min readNov 26, 2020


So many options…!

So many…

I’ve always been quite a fan of the future. I’ve always loved the promise of a better world.

I remember that I used to dream about a future where we would have any movie, song, game or friend with the touch of a finger.

And now I have it.

My expectations have been fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams.

I can watch almost any movie I want using one of those services around for a very reasonable amount of money. 😍

I could play a ridiculous amount of amazingly good and games in the new Xbox series X for very little. 😵

I can listen to ANY song I could want on Spotify. And using only my phone!? 🙀

I can contact instantly via a little text any of my friends, or previous connections through Facebook, or Linked in using my smart phone that have well lit keys and easy to type keyboard that correct my spelling. And I can even add facial expressions to my messages to add emotional context. 😀

I can have almost any good I could possibly want delivered the next day. 😻

I can go to a website to do replace my lost driving license or ID. I don’t need to go to the townhall. 👍

Because the future comes one thing at a time and I haven’t Looked back until I had the idea of writing this, I haven’t noticed.

I’m even writing this on a phone. Didn’t feel like picking up a laptop.

It’s funny how we got used to technological change. So many wonders that have been happening in my lifetime.

Mobile phones weren’t a thing when I was a kid and internet didn’t even exist. Can you imagine that. That’s how old I am.

I’m 37.

I live with such an abundance of everything. It’s so wonderful. I love indulging on all of this. I’m so grateful. We didn’t have access to that much culture beforehand!


Games lost their novelty appeal. Even with better graphics it’s still the same thing again and again.

I’m so movie literate that every movie feels deja-vu.

I’ve read so many articles about so many subjects that it’s rare I get to learn something really new.

Philosophical Discussions on Facebook, comments on Reddit and the never ending cockfight between people of who’s the smartest of them all feels like a remake of what I experienced early on edgy phpBB forum 20 years ago.

News article feel like the same old drama with a new packaging.

I’m sick of Ads on YouTube vouching for me to stop procrastinating, invest and earn a lot of moneys selling shit online people don’t need.

There’s this understanding in psychology that too much choice leads to anxiety. Because you always wonder if you made the right choice. You could watch X or Y. You could be constantly wandering which one is the best use of your time. In reality this abundance can lead to a constant FOMO. There is so much stuff. You’re always missing out on something.

That seems to be the new struggle of our time. The struggle for navigating the sea of possibilities. And not just in the digital world.

Coming to a career, I’ve done mostly freelance work, and because being a Developer gives you an abundance of opportunities I’ve had the chance to Do some work for so many big guys: Nike, Jaguar, Burberry, Google, Ford, Landrover, worked closely with the music industry, Warner, UMG, worked for top notch financial startup with the most beautiful offices one can think off. (Even had a Banksy on the wall. How ironic. ) I Had a hot startup that had millions of users. Been in the core offices of Many Silicon Valley mastodontes, Google, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Microsoft… I’ve gained good money, and spent it on great education. Screenwriting courses, writing workshops. Yoga retreats. Singing lessons. Cooking classes. Events… whatever thing.

I’ve seen the world. done it all, had my cake now – Young and Beautiful. Lana del Rey

I feel like the great Gatsby. I’ve had so much abundance of everything, culture, entertainment, experiences, work experience at just 37 that none of it taste like much anymore. Or maybe it’s just today.

All I want is to do nothing for a little while.

Nothing at all.

Meditate. Contemplate.

Walk in nature.

Make a fire.

Be alone

…and then be around people I appreciate and get an abundance of…..





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