How you can spend years missing out on something right in front of you

4 min readJul 1, 2021


If only the right kind of knowledge could come to you at exactly the right moment!

Maybe it’s the joy of life that It doesn’t. So you get delayed gratification.

I am sensitive to that.

But not when you’re in pain.

I’ve been having a tremendous chronic nerve pain since last year. And It’s not easy to live with to say the least. Can’t focus properly. Feeling pain constantly… It’s called fibromyalgia. It’s horrible.

It’s like being tense all the freaking time, can’t fully relax, can’t sleep to well.

But yesterday on my way to the post office, I stopped by one of those new ‘hemp’ shops that are mushrooming around a lot these days in France. I passed by that window a few times already, but didn’t feel much lie going in. You know those fancy but empty stores when someone instantly comes to talk to you, when you’d rather not want to be talked to, so you don’t have to decline politely.

Weed with THC isn’t legal yet, but CBD based products are. I’ve been to a few of these shops before, but that one seems to have a much finer selection of product. The seller quickly asked me for what I wass looking for. “Just looking”, then ok, I’ll give him a chat, he looks like an enthusiastic entrepreneur who just opened his shop and really believes in it, you can see the passion in his eyes. And you know, I’m receptive to that.

So then we chat about CBD vape liquid stuff and the difference between basic cbd products and the higher stuff that’s got all the good terpenes and whatnot.

Then he asked me why I used those products and told him about my aches.

Then he targeted me towards this ridiculously pricey product which I saw by the window but thought, well that’s super abusive pricing right here. I’m monitoring my purse these days.

But a good story convinced me that I ought to give it a try: “I had a client who had muscular pain, who tried it once, he came back the week after to order 3. It’s been primed product of the year bla-bla-bla”.

Ok, I’ll buy it, whatever, If I can get rid of the pain. Take my money.

I had tried your regular painkillers, Paracetamol, aspirin, codeine, anti-anxiolytics and all kinds of therapies, acupuncture, massages, hypnotherapy, shiatsu… even magnetism. And you know what, they all helped. And I used CBD product and cannabis for a while too.

But nothing helped me as much as those little pills there!


Photo by Benjamin Brunner on Unsplash

I don’t know it’s just the quality that does it. How silly is that. I can feel even the muscular tension unlock and it goes ‘click’. Finally something that works!

And you know those tensions are apparently are connected to life stressors. Eventually, your body gets so tight it says no.

Someone finally found the ultimate chill pill!

Yeah it’s expensive.

But shit.

At least it exists.

At least It’s far less expensive than antidepressants. And It not only chills you out but heals you as well. But It’s not reimbursed by social security here in France.

But I’m like, everyone should know about this shit? What are we waiting for?

I’m sure there are many fellows like me who must be in pain as well and can’t find anything by the regular medicine route that really helps them right. We don’t know how to treat fibromyalgia yet!

I’ve ‘only’ spent about 2 years living with back ache like that, but what if I had not been that curious or willing to spend the bucks on that product?

This reminds me how we can spend years of our lives missing out on something. And why the heck are those things been forbidden for so long? (You know why… Big Pharma, lousy politics and medical policies)

Aren’t they things like that you wish you knew ages ago?

With the advent of the internet, now many informations become accessible. Yet there’s so much stuff, that It’s hard to get to the very essence of things. So many different points of views, embellishments of truth, blatant lies, half-baked truth, all sorts…

I think what is missing is a ‘reliability’ meter about a particular source of knowledge, and a ‘relevance’ meter for what’s the most important thing that people ought to know which they don’t yet according to who they are and their circumstances.

Knowledge is power, and It’s the best and cheapest equaliser in our society. Really, the best that the internet can provide is a decentralised source of knowledge and therefore power.

Knowledge used to be concentrated and kept out in silos. But It’s more than ever difficult to hoard on knowledge these days. If anything, we’re drowning in information. And now, we need much much much better filters, so we can get to the most relevant straight away. No bullshit.

We need informational crap detectors is what we need!

I think we can do much better than 5 stars or Like/dislike system.

You could check a product on Amazon, check the number of stars and that will tell you roughly if you should get it. But It’s not gonna give you the stuff that’s gonna really get relevant to YOU. And It’s not gonna give you the hyper-transcending stuff that has potential to change your life in some ways.

But this can be applied not only to product search, but anything really. Any idea, concept or advise that you wish you had ages ago.

Who knows what will solve that issue?

But I’m pretty sure the future needs to solve the problems of finding relevant stuff.

We could really get to thrive in interesting manners as modern humans once we have a GPS for key wisdoms.




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