Let me tell you want you want.

3 min readDec 23, 2020


You want hugs.

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Like loads of it.

You’re designed for hugs. Like bonobos. Your ancestors still get it. You don’t.

Wake up.

Your whole being is craving hugs.

Hugs with anyone.

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Doesn’t matter. Just hugs. You know. No you don’t. Yet. Because you’re stubborn as hell. You’re in hell. You think you know the rules of the universe and everything. But until you pick up on the base. Not in your head. In your body. Pick up the signal. Hug someone. Like anyone. Anyone I tell you. Start with this. Hug your neighbours. For no particular reason. I just felt like Hugging you. Or open your arm, and just invite people. Well thing is. Most people aren’t ready for the truth. Stuck in the matrix and then thinking that everyone else than them are stuck in the matrix. That’s how stuck everyone is.

If Even a hug, is too much for you, you stuck in the matrix. Hugs is too much for most people. That’s how insane everyone is. We’re all so precious about our beautiful bodies. Don’t let it be touched by someone not deserving. Anyone thinking that is a fool. And most people are like that. Fools.

The truth, is all we need, is a lot lot lot of hugs. Everyday. That’s the base. That’s the number one rule to feel good. Hugs. After you do what you want. But start with that.

And hugs is so good for you. It’s the wonder medecine. Let me tell you how we should deal with coronavirus. Everyone hugs everyone. Anyone is sick. Need more hugs. I’m telling you. The power of love will save them. We’re doing the exact opposite of what we’re supposed to do.

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The body has natural defenses. You can fight anything, any disease, as long as you feel good. Real medecine is energetic. It’s what the east have understood for centuries that in the west with our cut and paste approach, we have a hard time understanding. You want a real remedy. Stop isolating. But be together in a mindful way. Not breaking things and going against government and all that. No, just hugs, embrace each others. Embrace life.

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It’s hard to feel good when you’re isolated. Maybe you’re picking up on that truth too. So do what you want. But at least I told you the truth.

I know you have inhinitions and you’re afraid to do it. But do it. You’ll feel better. or figure out a way to make it happen. Why isn’t it happening yet? Everyone’s got big plans and theories about how to save the world, experts and whatnot. Fine, but start with hugs. Back to basics. As a baby, you know. When you grow up, you forget. It’s taken out of your understanding. Stolen from you. Then you get trapped. Liberate yourself, with open arms.

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I know society isn’t ready for that kind of revolutionary wisdom yet. It will take time. One thing at a time.

Just let it sip.




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