Magic mushroom in churches.

How could we update the most important ritual of the christian church for our modern day and age…

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…by going back to its forgotten root… The psychedelic ritual.

You’ll never look at Christianity the same way again!

The original Eucharist ritual

During the last supper, Jesus transmitted his most important teaching: The Eucharist ritual. It represents the ultimate transmission of knowledge from Jesus to his disciples, during which they would eat “Bread and wine” as his “body and blood”:

And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body which is for you. Do this in remembrance of me”.

Luke 22:19

This is my flesh. Literally?

There have been many interpretations for it. Romans even believed Christians were cannibals because of it. But Catholics still believe that the Communion wafer and the wine really becomes the flesh and blood of the Christ via a magical process called: “Transubstantiation”. It hasn’t even come into much question until the middle ages Protestantism. It has been a great source of contention between Catholics and Protestants ever since.

Do you find it hard to swallow?

Me too.

At least Protestants put forward the idea that this was metaphorical, that you are not literally eating the flesh and blood of Christ.

Thank god! What a brilliant idea.

But they didn’t get the metaphor quite right…

The Eucharist is (almost certainly) a psychedelic ritual

The Eucharist was not performed with “bread” as it is right now. It was with “Manna” which has been translated as “Bread from Heaven” from Aramaic. It is a fallacy to think of it as mere ‘bread’. The problem is how do you translate something with no equivalent in the other language? (A similar mistake had been made with the translation of the word “Virgin” when talking about Mary… ), the truth is we can’t exactly know for sure. We still don’t know what Manna really is. But…

Possibly, It is the Sacred Mushroom Amanita Muscaria (As postulated in “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross”) or a Psilocybe mushroom (those grow everywhere, even in modern day Israel).

Look at the followers of Christ. Would a simple piece of bread capture gazes in such a way?

Like many things in ancient history, there are no absolute way to prove such a thing, but this is bar far the most statistically plausible scenario.

What is more likely to you:

That you literally eat the flesh and blood of a human that died a while ago or that the body of Christ is the Magic Mushroom?

One has to understand that there’s a difference between ‘Jesus’ and ‘Christ’. Christ is the “Annointed one”. It is the one that is able to access the Kingdom of Heaven: The messenger. Jesus was a mortal who went on to become “the anointed”. So via heaven’s food he was able to access god in a direct manner and develop his relationship. Not by any mean that anyone can become Jesus but it certainly acted as a catalyst. Therefore giving its meaning to the act.
If you think about it, It removes a few ambiguities:

“Passover”: It is the final and most important teaching before he was to be crucified, why would a ‘simple’ ritual be of such importance? Most likely it is the revelation of the secret teaching that one must go through the psychedelic experience to access god’s wisdom.

“Communion”: The psychedelic experience can be described as one of communion with Everything. It is as if your ego vanishes temporarily, and you become one with the universe. Allowing you to experience what the Hindus have described as your Atman (Individual soul) experiencing itself as Brahman (God’s consciousness). I’ve gone through this experience myself, and so did millions of individuals. It is something that cannot be understood, it has to be felt. It gives the word of communion its full meaning.

Jesus was a Shaman.

Like any ideologies, there are patterns to religious beliefs.

Most religious traditions take their roots in the shamanic experience.

Until it is decided that a selected few become intermediaries… By time the original practice gets lost in order to maintain social control. It becomes institutionalised.

A shaman is a guide for others to go through their own journey in order to take their own decisions.

A priest tells others what they should do.

One empowers, one controls.

Jesus clearly sided with empowering the masses.

But history often favours the latter. Unfortunately.

Moses was on it too

The burning bush that caught the attention of Moses wasn’t any bush. It was an Acacia; Which contains a high concentration of DMT, the psychoactive ingredient responsible for the psychedelic experience. Modern-day shamans use it in their brew.

The psychedelic rich Acacia bush

Egyptians too

The Acacia. Tree of life.

The “Tree of life “ for the Egyptian was also the Acacia. It was used in rituals to access the wisdom of the gods and is an integral part of the knowledge of the “Dark Arts” (Al Khemet) which we now call “Alchemy”. It was so enabling of individuals that it was to be kept a secret to an elite few. A single psychedelic experience has the power to liberate a mind from any dogma. So that you would tune in to the truth within and be set on your own path, as opposed to the the one traced by the outside world with their various agendas.

It notably set Steve Jobs on his mission, and so did it with mine (and this article is an expression of it).

It is the single most potent medicine for the mind, and one that can radically transform one’s life for the better.

We now have the clinical evidence to support the claim that mushrooms can heal treatment resistant depression and it also increase “Openness” and decrease “neuroticism” in the in the Big Five personality type.

But It is more than anything what the movie the Matrix refers to the red pill (“Mescaline, it’s the only way to fly”), the tool of liberation from the ‘illusion’, Maya for the Hindus, or Plato’s cave, aka “the fear mongering mind-control force of the time which makes you an unknowing slave”.

Every religions who inherited beliefs from the hermetic traditions knew about this: Alchemy, Free-masons, Occult societies, Egyptians… Even Greek philosophers! Plato, Socrates used the psychedelic drink Kykeon based on the ergot (Parasite of Barley). They were all in on the joke!

In fact, “Real Christians” not subjected to the dogmas of the established church knew about it. Many churches in France (and many built by initiated Freemasons) displayed it overtly.

Magic Mushrooms in churches? Hmm. Interesting.

Magic mushrooms in churches

As the alchemic maxim go “Hidden in plain sight”, only the most discerning, virtuous and curious individuals were initiated. Plain sight is the best way to hide anything, so you don’t arise suspicion by being obviously covert. Most people don’t pay close attention to anything or ask questions anyway.

Those free-minded individuals were so dangerous to the institutions in place that they were persecuted heavily. Over time “Hermetics” (followers of the ancient tradition of Hermes, original alchemist, deified God of wisdom, greek messenger of the gods, Thoth for the Egyptians) became the “Heretics”. Hence why they had to hide and built secret societies (Freemasonry is the most notorious one), and so they had to use metaphors such as transforming “Lead into gold” to camouflage their real intents.

Alchemy was the science of transformation in all aspects. Physical and metaphysical. The most important practice was to transform individuals from mere mortals into unstoppable forces of nature fully in control of their destinies using various ‘catalysts’ (Which we kept in the chemistry lexicon). Turning them from followers (“Lead”) into creators (“Gold”) of their own lives.

Newton defined himself as an Alchemist, Voltaire & Franklin were Freemasons… and we’re talking about individuals who are core architects of our modern ideological landscape here.

Witches were on it too

Witches were originally a bunch of old ladies living often in the margins of society (in the woods) who were well versed in all sorts of ancestral medicines, (including psychedelics), healing mind and bodies, keeping pagan traditions alive. When their healing practices were too efficient, it was considered the work of the devil (ex: Paula de Eguiluz). Go figure! Because they were so free mentally, liberated sexually, and contempt in their way of life, their very existence was a threat to power. Authorities were so scared of what they represented, that they started seeing witches everywhere and burning them. It’s hard to fathom how dogmatic they were about their misguided beliefs, and how easy it was to enforce this collective madness in a world where so few were educated and therefore able of discernment.

Back to Jesus

Jesus was almost certainly a student of multiple religious traditions, some made the case that he travelled in India & Tibet (The silk road was already in place), and studied other faiths in Alexandria (Egypt was next door) for which he created a synthesis of. Do not underestimate the massive impact that a single scholar could have over many illiterates.

Jesus’s teachings is like the counter-culture of Judaism spiced with Zoroastrianism ethics and mixed with Buddhism. Oh! And the saying “I am the son of God” is a common thing in Hinduism. We all are.
His infamous healing capabilities “Believe and you will be healed” were probably due to his understanding of what we now call “Hypnosis” and was one of the most highly priced knowledge of the Egyptians “Dark Arts”. The power of the subconscious illustrated by the placebo effect is a real thing that can literally heal individuals. It is smashing open the door that connects the mind and body and explain the so called “Miracles”.

Consider also “God is love” and Jesus’ certain disdain for authority…

That’s what psychedelics do to you. With it, You become a more loving and peaceful human being, it help you confront your fears and emotional pains, and once you’re set on a path of your own you stop following the crowds mindlessly… Think of the hippy motto: “Peace and Love”, which ideology was fuelled by LSD. Many of the positive social changes we now take for granted are results to that counter-cultural movement: Sexual liberation, gender equality, race equality…

Moving forward…

Psychedelics in churches.

Meta-Christians (Or Christians who wish for a more realistic interpretation of the Bible) advocate the use of psychedelics as a means of liberation of the mind and personal connection with the divine.
They acknowledge that the “Truth of God” is not accessed via an intermediary but through direct experience.

Priests from Catholic or Protestant churches who would want to upgrade to Meta-priesthood would (after undergoing a neo-shamanistic training) create the best conditions in order to serve the Eucharist to anyone willing. It is not only a tool for self-empowerment and connection with the divine but also the best medicine to heal our psychological traumas.

During the ceremony…

Music would be played.

Dancing would be in order.

Songs would be sung.

Special Attention would be put to what we call the Set and Setting, Leveraging teachings from ancient shamanic wisdom applied to our modern day and age.

Chanting, dancing, hugging, accepting, sharing meals… those are the common ingredients to pretty much all religious rituals of any faith for a reason. They are designed to promote an atmosphere of brotherhood, harmony, peace, tolerance & non-judgment (“Judge not, that you be not judged.” Matthew 7) which is why many people go to their local temple to begin with. In a way, the origin stories come second to the need of humans for connection. Many adopts common ludicrous beliefs simply to be part of the club. It is how ‘normal’ individuals are seduced into joining sects. They want to be in. To belong.

The role of a religion is not only to align everyone on a common story but also to produce conditions for the communion with “other”. Be it other Human beings, the earth, the universe… Promoting “Love” and deepening the sense of belonging and cultivating bonds.

I want to put forward the idea of an updated Christian practice where once in a while, anyone who choose to do so can benefit from the healing properties of psychedelics and reconnect with one’s god-within without being preached.

Bridges will be built, souls would be healed, Old redundant dogmas that no longer serve us would be abandoned, a new form of spirituality will arise. Where society won’t need to exert as much control to begin with because it is composed of mentally healthy individuals able in their own inner wisdom to consider each others as brothers.

One cannot pretends to know, one has to feel it in their hearts.

We have to recognize the essential role that psychedelics have played in our common history. The categorization of it as a ‘drug’ is shackling our minds and is a complete misrepresentation of what it really is.

Psychedelics are in a separate class of their own.

This idea could transform society.

Heal individuals’ inner world, heal the outer world.

Now, all we need are heroic souls willing to put it in practice.

I believe priests who want to be of service, should be so in the most effective manner that would be true to Jesus. But they will have to recognise that what they’ve been taught wasn’t exactly what it seemed, and that the established churches shouldn’t have a monopoly on the whole spectrum of anyone’s beliefs. It takes courage and humility to recognize the shortcoming of our own spiritual legacies. Yet we are at a time in history where we need a new form of collective wisdom more than ever.

Feel free to contact me if you want to help on putting it into practice, and I’ll help you out…




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