Time for Univeral Unconditional basic income NOW!

8 min readApr 24, 2020


Let’s be happy.

There’s definately enough money around to make it happen.

If only there would be enough resolve to do it.

So here is a simple idea:

Take the “Money as debt” that banks created out of thin air and flip it as a “debt that banks owe” and you’ve got the funding.

If you didn’t know, The Bank of England will explain it to you:

Money is created by commercial banks making loans.

That’s right. Took me a while to process that. Sometimes you have to re-read it to make sure you’re not halucinating this.

You’re not. “Money is created by commercial banks”.

I repeat.



Create the money that we all use. So if you wonder when a government need to inject more money into the system they have to ask private banks for a loan. Sounds like a joke. But it’s not. It’s a really sick one.

In other words, private banks conned us up for years by creating money out of thin air. When you borrow money, they create a new number for what you borrow, and the interest is the new money being created.

It’s like in lieu of paying a bill, I write down a number on a piece of paper and give it to you, and then charge you interests. That’s basically it.

Time to ask for THEM to pay their bill.

I mean, Thin air gave them a loan. They owe us. We don’t owe them.

Time to collect the money.

What I would advocate is a complete reversal of the pyramid. All the money that is up at some point goes down. Simple really.

I mean why is all the money stuck up there? Did you agree to that? Do you agree with that?

Fact is: Money is debt, so the more moneys one has created out of thin air, the more debt one should have.

Debt to whom you’d say?

Well, I could say to our collective labour, but I’d say to Mother earth.

She’s the one who provide all the stuff which we use to make stuff with.

It’s time we pay our debt back to her. I mean we trashed the whole place!

We could use that reversed money as a debt to Gaia.

An economy is just a game we agree on. It’s an ecosystem. It’s just that most people have no idea they’re in a game, let alone who made the rules and how does it work to begin with?

I mean even economists have no clue. And yet they do have a monopoly on taking economical decisions.

Smart move. Smart move. Kind of dumb though. I mean, the whole game is so fucked up that most people are in disbelief that it could be that fucked up.

Life is like a Monopoly except the winner is always the banker for some reasons… It’s basically a ponzi scheme with the banks at the top. Pretty much…

Let me explain…


So the first game in life was Jumanji, You’re in the jungle, you need to survive against the dangerous animals around and the weird tribes out there to get you.

Tough but simple rules.

You understand how it works.


Then you invent money and it’s Farmville.

You grow some crops, make money, grow more crops, make more money. There’s never enough crops! Yay!!!

Farmville: Cream of the crop at the time.

Except until you fill all the space and then you don’t really know what to do???

So you constantly need a new extension.

The earth doesn’t really have an extension though.

But you kind of know how it works.

GAME #3: Monopoly

But then it grew into a Monopoly. And it’s like, the luckiest dude around wins, and keep winning until it owns the whole stuff.

Did you know it was especially created as a social commentary to explain capitalism? I don’t think most people got the memo though. We worship the whole damn thing.

And that’s the game we’re in.

But even then, someone had a brilliant idea to win the game: Play the bank!

So you put some of the money in your pocket everytime you give some away. So you always win.

That’s pretty much the game we’re currently in.

In other word, if you’re not the bank you’ve got virtually no chance to win. All you do is playing catching up.

Monopoly!! Cute Character based off of Rockfeller: “You can trust me, I’m dressed as a gentleman and have a very very well groomed mustache, therefore I’m not here to enslave you at all”


…If we disolved the investment banks, the real economy would still be around. All the stuff we created would still be around. We don’t need them.

I’m amazed when people are being skeptics to the idea that ‘it is not sustainable or viable’ and what not if an unconditional universal basic income would be put in place.

I mean, we’ve got so much stuff and capacity. Too much even!

We’re functioning waaaaaaay on overdrive. We’re in the red so much and we think that more red is the answer.

Gotta go fast! Where? huhhhh, I dunno… FASTERRRRRRR!!!!

Seriously… Let’s try blue… Let’s chill a bit.

All we need is to slow down and finally allow humanity to collectively benefit from the fruits of thousands of years of collective labour.

We just have to switch our belief system from one where “working-ourselves-to-death-until-death” is not a good idea to one where “we want to help and be of service to our own goodness of being…”. Let’s take the chill pill and let the machines do a lot of the work… and you know share resources a bit more evenly. I mean. That’s just an idea. If you think one human being being a millionaire or billionaire is ok while others are struggling to get by, you’re just a selfish misplaced dumbass cunt. Just saying…

Wise words little panther thing…

It’s time to reap our rewards and live in peace.

Why not?

And it all starts with Safety.

In the infamous Maslow’s pyramid of needs, safety is right after physiological needs.

It is more important to get our collective safety net in place than our constant misguided chase for self-actualization, and yet we can’t have safety just as long as we live with the constant fear that we can’t have a shelter, food on the table or respect if we do not have a work, cause then we live with the constant threat that our physiological needs would not be met!

Did you know? ‘Travail’ in french, ‘Trabajo’ in spanish comes from the latin word ‘Trepalium’ which mean ‘torture’. Fun fact.

But Then…. in our rat race we don’t even have social needs met, we don’t have time for this.

And then… in our narcissitic, image-obsessed world, as we need constant publicity and attention in order to earn a sense of status and self-esteem. But it’s granted only for a limited time. One day you’re on the cover, they love you, then there’s an other cover and they love an other. It’s a peacock’s race. You’re never good enough! We don’t even have self-esteem!


Self-actualization… I mean, who has time for this? I’d love to be able to meditate on the meaning of life and spend time dancing and enjoying life but then fuck… I’m tired at the end of the day, I can’t chill long enough to make that happen.

So it’s fair to say very few of our psychological needs are being met in our modern day society. We got screwed up the whole time. It’s just the deco was so nice that we got distracted into thinking we’re happy. Virtual entertainment in the form of TV, computers and porn is basically a proxy for the fact we’re not living the dream thing itself. Who stole our dreams?

Go ask how miserable the staff working at Eurodisney is! They know already.

Work in our current form is a form of slavery disguised as empowerment. Genius evil plot if you ask me.

It forces people to do things against their own moral instincts in order to put food on the table? Would you bite the hand that feed? I doubt it. Most of us are swallowing our pride and get on with our miserable lot.


This unconditional basic income would be one of the most important tool for the liberation of mankind. When we make sure we’ve got food, a shelter, and respect granted without any condition, the rest will follow naturally.

Suddenly you’re not in fear mode. You’re in creation mode.

You’re playing legos like a child.

You know: someone’s looking after your basic needs so you can enjoy life!

I think that’s what a ‘government’ or authority above should be responsible for doing: Creating the safe haven for us to enjoy life.

Like a good mum and a good dad.

We will finally have time to create the utopia we all dreamed of (before we’ve been hammered that utopias are for morons by a beaten-down post-modernist bitter old fart who doesn’t believe in anything yet knows everything there’s to know about everything… Obviously)

The time is ripe.

Let’s do it!

Let’s join hands. Because why not. Being positive and pragmatic is the new cool I say. Hippies were right all along.


For the next game…

Since we’ve got our basic needs met, let’s create a new kind of race.

The race for: who can fix the world the most?

We love attention, we love to be appreciated.

I mean Twitter/Instagram/Facebook is all about the attention economy.

But all of it is about the wrong kind of attention.

Twitter is all about being scandalous for no reasons,

Instagram if you’ve got big boobs and Facebook if you’re good at pretending you’re good.

Why don’t we make a healthy attention economy in which if you clean up a beach, if you absorb carbon dioxide, if you help a fellow human being, basically you + the whole damn thing in a tangible measurable way (or not), you earn karma points and get publicly acknowledge via a leaderboard?

And with your karma points you get access to more ressources.

At least it correlates the dots on how much you give and how much value you bring to how much you get. Which is not at all the way it works right now.

Food for thoughts.

Next problem:

How to get from where we are to that or anything better for that matter? Hmm…. Got milk?




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