What if god was tiny?

2 min readFeb 20, 2023

What if there is a force that doesn’t move literal mountain but open small doors within us with the aim to collectively guide us towards a certain path?

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

With a tiny god acting through us, we would be his instrument for our moments of flow when we are losing ourselves in our creative acts. As It occurs to me that if there is a god, his main power is one of being creative. The main role attributed to a god is that of being the one who created the world; with a narrative given. But what if that creativity is not by moving mountains but through whisper in our ears.

For instance during moments of collective musical trance, god would be there to bind a group of people and create something of tremendous limbic resonance, all that with the intention to bind hearts. Because if there’s an aim to creation, perhaps it is the one to bind hearts and minds. In the end it is the story of all stories. It’s one of love. It’s the binding of at least two individuals, or one individual with its heart. God in effect would be the secret whisperer behind all story arcs, acting through our desire to tell a go(o)d story.

Such non-omnipotent god must have a foe. It is the foe constructed in our archetypal nemesis characters. The best amongst the worst. Perhaps it is one of destruction and mayhem.

I see that god as being a writer, and through both our storytellers and truth-tellers, god would try to steer through his small means the battle for the future. A future that is constantly being re-written and updated. So that each generation has its own battle for the future to fight. Storytellers from utopian to dystopians try their best to steer us in the right direction, towards the best and away from the worst. Unfortunately we are served with more dystopias than utopias in our literature. That’s because drama sells more. A story feeds of movement.

Yet at any moment we can project an image of what a paradise can be. Unfortunately we don’t tend to indulge much time into crystallising what that image would be. What kind of paradise is God wanting us to aim for?




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