Why do people who have it all get more from those who have less?

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Abba — “The winner takes it all” .

To understand western culture, sometimes you have to look at the main source that served us our current idealogical bubble.

Disclaimer: I’m NOT Christian.

Matthew 25: …Therefore take the talent from him (The one with only one talent) and give it to the one who has ten talents. For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. But the one who does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him. And throw that worthless servant into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

You’d think that the bible would be equanimous, but not really, and yes at once depending on your understanding of equanimity. It’s pretty clear that in our western secular understanding of God’s will, God or nature favors the ones that are talented in more than one area. And it’s not a bad thing you’d think. It’s the rightful ‘power’. The most ‘powerful’ as multiply talented on top would be a good idea. It’s T shaped people. People who have a large collection of perspectives which leads to a good overal understanding and empathy. It’s the wise ones. Except, we don’t put those guys on top. We put the ‘powerful’ as ‘richest’ on top with the only one talent which is to sell.

Ex: Donald Trump. Who knows fuck all about nothing and yet is an immensely great seller! You’d have to give him that. He’s got an epic level of Charisma and ability to bullshit over everything else. In a way, Our narcissistic world have found its rightful king!

We put the ones that are the most able to piggyback on the work of others. We took ‘thevery’ which is taking advantage of someone else and we call that Business. Those who are extremely good at this only one thing for which Jesus says we’d throw in the outer darkness, we catapult them all the way up high instead.

As the richer you are, the more power you have, the more power you are given. To invest, you need money. To get money without income, you need money to buy properties so you can get more money without providing any value. And so, it’s not surprising that in the metaphysical ecosystem that we created and we named ‘economy’ (As if it’s just the way things are as opposed to the result of a conscious human design) the rich gets richer and money gets concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. It’s the game that we’re on. It’s Monopoly. And there’s only one winner. You understand Monopoly, you understand the world. This game was designed to alert people on the dangers of capitalism. We didn’t get the memo.

We could be playing an other game, I don’t know…. like Legos, and share the pieces and appreciate each others creations. But we don’t live in a world where the game is one of Lego, we live in a Monopoly game. (Or like the Lego movie, the world is dominated by Lord business, who tries to control everything and everyone)

So The ONE talent that is favored above all others is the one of ‘selling’ and piggybacking. Not the one of ‘creating’ or ‘thinking’ or ‘spreading kindness and joy’. There are so many talents that ought to be favored. It’s people who want more the most, who gets more. Society Reward that kind of behavior.

You ought to give more to those who would know how to make the best use of it instead. But that’s not the case. Fortune doesn’t favor the creators.

My personal experience is in ‘entrepreneurship’. I think I’m a talented ‘creator’, I’ve built products that million of people used. Worked for Nike, Nokia, Burberry, Landrover, Jaguar, Time Inc… I made a software that million of people used singlehandedly. But!!! I cannot sell. I’m shit at it. And not interested in it.

I believe I’m talented in many ways. But not in the one way that our society favor. So I sold my company for only 10k Dollars while it had million of users and a solid tech. The company who bought it from me was able to raise a million based of that aquisition. I was let go of Time Inc. cause I made the hierarchy uncomfortable as I made a product too successful and It led me in a genuine position where I criticized their lack of empathy. Bad idea. I was out. I also created all the value in an other startup financed by the music industry and led by a master bullshiter who everytime managed to screw up the value I created, demoted me when attention was rightfully targetted towards me and also rob me of my actions. Those people…Devils with a pretty smily face. Anyway…

We live in a world of perception.

So those able to master the art of perception and are in the right network, are the predators of a world that favors ‘selling’ over any other talents. And for a master seller, the only thing that matter is the highest number. They are able to detach themselves completely from their actions because they do not see the direct consequences of those. And in that higher spherical capitalistic bubble, there is absolutely no debate as to the moral implications of that game they’re in. They’re not philosophying too much. It’s just the way things are to them. One would have to step into a complete different bubble to be able to assess the damage that cascade from seamingly benign actions such as buying or selling assets. You don’t see the repercussions when you buy a company (or a product! Actually. We’re all partaking in that game too! )

Just like stock traders. For them it’s just a game. It’s just money as a number, it’s abstracted to them. Yet, all actions have consequences. Human consequences, or consequences on the environment. Unseen collateral damages. Out of sight, out of mind. It allows people in power to disconnect from reality and feel at ease with their behavior. Just like in the concentration camp, the diffusion of responsibility. “Well I just push the button”, “I just bring them into the room” ,” Well I just follow orders” We live in the world of illusions where no one is willing to take responsibility for their actions, first cause they don’t really see it, and they don’t want to see it. I mean, who would want to consider themselves as the bad guy?

So we have the parasites on top whom we put on a pedestal. Instead of considering them as such, we applaude them. “Well done for being on the cover of fortune magazine!” Well…Why? Because the powerful also control the medias. Duh. Control the media, control the story that is being told. Control the story in people’s mind. And because the channel is so large and ubiquitous, people don’t really have an alternative that is being proposed. The alternative is common sense yet common sense is not that common. Common sense which for me would be to be ‘fair’, is considered extreme! Look at music today. It’s all about the bling bling. So everyone wants to be in that race. What’s even more stupid is that we lead people to believe it’s all in between only two sides. Communists and capitalism. Both of which leads to unfairness. Because we focus our debate on ‘equality’. Nothing is equal to anything else. Equality is a bad concept that has no concrete reality to it. It’s an abstraction. Fair retribution is what we ought to think about instead. And fairness is more akin to a natural equilibrium. Which is a common metaphor for almost all religious traditions and belief system. Hence the balance of Justice. Which completely lost its balance in my opinion.

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America dominates the world when it comes to our ideological landscape and economy wise, the dollar is the main currency exchange and the biggest companies are all americans, yet it’s the most hypocritical satanic society which disguise itself as christian. They do the exact opposite of what their so-called religious allegiance say they ought to do.


Jesus: “If you want to be perfect, sell what you own. Give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then follow me!”

“I can guarantee again that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter God’s kingdom.”

Ex: Bill Gates. People think he’s a genius programer. WRONG! He’s a master bullshiter. He bought CP/M from a guy named Gary Kildall for 500.000$ and renamed it MSDOS and licensed it to IBM for 5 Million AND piggybacked on IBM’s leadership. I mean, it’s a game of piggybacking so well done mate! This Master trick is what put the richest man on the scene! And that’s the kind of people and capitalistic coup d’Etat our system favors. Then he copied Mac visual operating system. And now he’s a savior of the world for having noticed that there would be potential for a mass virus. Right… Master thiefs.

It’s like Highlander, there can only be one, but with piggybacking.

It’s who piggyback the most who wins, so it naturally organise itself into the shape a pyramid. Obviously. So then, the goal of the game is to become the Eye in the sky that is on the tokens of our ponzi scheme called economy.

That’s why politicians always need an economist to tell them how to play rightfully. You wouldn’t want to go against the game masters if you want to win! Duh! There’s always someone who distribute the bills in the Monopoly.

As long as WE the population of the earth let parasitic ideologies take over passively and fail to gather up and 1. Agree on an alternative ideology 2. Gather up in order to invert the pyramid. Take back what is owed to the collective, to the planet! The immense majority of people will continue to be screwed!

The big problem is to align people’s mind on an other ideology in order to have actions work in concerto.

In a way, a new moral authority able to move massive counter-action (Which means disrupting the current establishment) would be the best thing to happen. IF you want to change that, you need to fight the system by building something else. Which most people are not willing to do. Because, any animal in a cage understand it’s not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds. We’re all hamsters rolling in our cages, so we can power the castle of our masters. As long as there’s no unity in our discourse, it’s hard for us to change the game we’re in.

Are we gonna wait for Jesus to come back and remind us of what it was all about to begin with? Even if you’re not christian, we’re all surfing on that legacy, that perhpas at least, we can agree on the good part that we all resonated with a while ago, before it was piggybacked by the romans who created that monster of a catholic church that claim to be the only legitimacy over those beliefs. Even christians aren’t christians. Back to basis guys. Jesus was a gnostic and an anarchist. He was the opposite of a capitalist. So In Jesus’ name if I dare to talk like a preacher, (because everything is about Jesus in the U.S.A, I’m not into that) Americans ought to wake the fuck up. And the rest of the world. Don’t separate spirituality from politics. Actually. Fight for what you really believe. The good parts that has been spoiled.

I don’t quite know for sure how we can get out of this? I have Only speculations.

But I have hope. The whole pile of card is falling down as I write this! It might seem chaotic and sad. But it’s a unique opportunity to gather up and conscruct something new on the ashes of the old dying world. I just wish that this time won’t be wasted in analysis and more in constructive action towards a fairer world. I think we should invest more time into the ideological design of a better world in lieu of criticizing the old one.

Food for thoughts.




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